Jenny McNamara-Furlong

I am a Brisbane based artist and have lived in the bayside suburbs for many years. For as long as I can remember, art has been my passion. I studied at Queensland College of Art and completed a Diploma of Art and Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Graphic Design. I worked in the design and printing industry for ten years and then lectured at tertiary level for seven years.

My art practices always came second to my graphic design and teaching career until 2000. I changed my focus, leaving the graphic design industry and tertiary teaching career behind to teach art privately and to produce, and sell, my own artwork.

My graphic design background influences my style of rendering, with the use of bold graphic images and colours. I use my design skills to interpret the content of my photographs, and simplify the images and colours to create my work. 

I have experimented with various art processes and mark making techniques and been involved in and exposed to a variety of art practices. Combining techniques I have used previously with these new experiences, my artwork has evolved. My current body of work still relies on bold colours and graphic images, but I have added the element of texture by using layering techniques and mixed media. I believe I have added depth and substance to my work. 

There are two dimensions to my art practice: exhibiting artist and the business of jmac-art. Through my brand jmac-art, I design and hand produce quality designer merchandise using images from my original artwork.

I have exhibited in various art galleries and shows in Brisbane, Mt Tamborine and Cairns. Find out more about my exhibitions. Unfortunately most of the bricks and mortar Galleries I have exhibited in over the years have now closed their doors, one of which was The Manly Gallery in Manly Qld., closing in 2017.

So another dream of mine was to run my own Gallery and provide a space for other artists to exhibit so in 2018 when I met my good friend and fellow artist Jess King that dream was realised and together we now own and operate Manly Harbour Gallery which is located in the space that occupied The Manly Gallery I exhibited in for many years. Please follow the link and take a look at my new business and the new direction my art has taken me..