Jenny McNamara-Furlong – Brisbane Artist

For as long as I can remember, art has been my passion. I studied at Queensland College of Art and completed a Diploma of Art and Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Graphic Design. I worked in the design and printing industry for ten years and then lectured at tertiary level for seven years.

Working as a graphic designer, I produced artwork under restrictions outlined in a client brief. Even though it was early in my career, I had the need to produce my own artwork so, in my spare time, I made and hand painted clothing and sold them at the Brisbane Riverside Markets under the business name of ‘Jenniren’. For four years, it filled the creative gap but as all creatives know, you have to evolve and change to satisfy that urge to create.

My art practices always came second to my graphic design and teaching career until 2000. I changed my focus, leaving the graphic design industry and tertiary teaching career behind to teach art privately and to produce, and sell, my own artwork. In 2001 I sold my first painting as an exhibitor in the Abused Child Trust Art Show (now ACT for kids). Actually, I sold all four of my paintings on opening night and four more after the show. Art galleries opened their doors and invited me to exhibit and my visual art career began.

Since then, I have exhibited in various art galleries and shows in Brisbane, Mt Tamborine and Cairns. Find out more about my exhibitions.

I have spent valuable time experimenting with various art processes and mark making techniques and as a result, my work has evolved from the graphic representational pieces that launched me into the visual art world. I am still exploring new techniques and will continue to develop my work.

From ‘Jenniren’ to ‘Jmac-art’…I have learnt and changed a lot as an artist and I hope you will enjoy following me into the next stage of my career through my website.