Welcome to my new website.

I started my art career as a Graphic Designer graduating from Qld College of Art in Brisbane with a Diploma of Art and a Bachelor Degree in Art and worked within the printing industry, creating marketing and branding material for a wide variety clients, taking designs from concept through to production.

With my knowledge of the graphic design industry I moved into a teaching role and worked for 10 years in the tertiary sector first as a lecturer then as a department head. I left my teaching role to have my second child and started my next chapter as a stay at home mum of two, an exhibiting artist and a private art tutor.

Craving a creative community, when my children started school, I found work back in the education arena as a part-time Art Teacher Aide within the private school sector. I was responsible for the day to day running of the art department and developing conceptual themes, planning, curating, marketing and preparing over 2000 artworks for the school art exhibitions. I also designed, built and painted musical sets for the school drama program. This was a fabulous learning environment for me, working with highly educated and talented visual artists and teaching staff.

Arts education is something that I have become very passionate about, especially after working in the Primary, Secondary and Tertiary education sectors. The Arts are not just about making pretty pictures, acting on a stage, playing an instrument or providing relaxation… art helps learners to develop creative problem-solving skill, the development of motor skills, language skills, social skills, decision-making, risk-taking, and inventiveness. All skills that are essential in life.


My artwork is inspired by variety of stimulus but my process for each work is the same. The world around me is my constant inspiration whether it is the beautiful suburb of Wynnum Manly where I live or just a bunch of flowers that have been delivered to my door. It is important to explore each stimulus by producing a body of work, some providing me with years of inspiration that I revisit over time.

My graphic design background has always influenced my process, interpreting the content of photographs, simplifying the content and colours to create the composition. I use a variety of mark making techniques and art materials including aerosols, inks, acrylics and pencil building layers of interest. I like the idea that every time you look into my work you will see something different. Making art makes me happy and hanging my art in your home will make you happy as well.